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Let’s Get Mōving Together!

Are You Ready To Get Mōving?

So we were all ready to start the new decade with visions, goals and aspirations for the 2020’s - and now here we are practicing social distancing, loading up on comfort foods, ignoring our physical fitness and potentially developing unhealthy habits!

Damn You COVID-19!

So let’s turn these frowns upside down, get ourselves up and let’s Get Mōving!

Announcing the launch of Mōvimentum LLC, specializing in Personal, Virtual and Group Resistance Band Training.

The goal of Mōvimentum LLC is to use your body’s natural movements to increase stamina, endurance, muscular strength and physique, while developing healthier habits - Sound like we can start getting the 2020’s back on track!

Are You Ready To Get Mōving?

Check out how our fitness sessions inspire you to Get Mōving:

Learn more about ACE Fitness - How To Keep Moving During Covid-19:

Contact me to discuss how we can start changing your 2020’s together - Virtual Sessions For Now!

Stay healthy and Let’s Get Mōving Together!

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